Jamila & The Other Heroes

Bazaar Bizarre فلسطين وين أنا؟ (CD / VINYL)

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Releasedate: 26.05.2023


Jamila & The Other Heroes, a wild band from manywhere, is taking the world by storm with their unique blend of Psychedelic Desert Funk. Led by the vibrant Jamila Al-Yousef, who named the project after her Palestinian grandmother, the band is on a mission to connect with transcultural audiences through their diaspora narratives and their musical fight against racism.

With their captivating live performances and unique sound, Jamila & The Other Heroes are quickly gaining a dedicated fan base. Having toured Germany, Egypt, Italy, Tunisia, Palestine and Jordan, the band's music speaks to people from all walks of life and promotes togetherness, diversity, and equality.

Jamila & The Other Heroes new album "Bazaar Bizarre فلسطين وين أنا؟", is an incredible musical journey around the world that will leave listeners energized and emotionally charged. With their entrancing guitar melodies, that blend desert blues and psychedelic progressive rock (Leon Sanchez) with Arabic percussion (Salam Alhassan), powerful drums (Pier Ciaccio) and a warm earthy bass fundament (Felix ‚Fema‘ Barth), Jamila & The Other Heroes take listeners on a wild ride through a musical bazaar full of surprises. The album features an explosive energy that will have listeners dancing and singing along in no time.

"Bazaar Bizarre فلسطين وين أنا؟" also features powerful messages in Arabic and English of self-empowerment, liberation and the private as well as political fight against any forms of discrimination such as racism and sexism. These are the core values of Jamila & The Other Heroes' music. Through their music, the band encourages liste- ners to celebrate their differences and work together to create a better world for all.