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Susanna La Polla, aka Suz, took her first steps into the music scene between the ’80s and the ‘90s when in the States music scene was dominated by hip hop and the many forms of transition from punk to post hardcore and in the english one Wild Bunch’s trip hop paved an influential path. Italy was then notoriously characterized by the posse, independent selfproductions, social centres, and Bologna – her hometown – is one of the nerve centres of this circuit. Suz starts out significantly as the backup singer and vocalist for Papa Ricky, one of the main performers of the reggae and raggamuffin national scene, and at the end of the ‘90s as the singer of the punk rock band Sushi à la Suntory alongside Riccardo Pedrini (Nabat, Wu Ming). As a culmination to this long, articulated and conscious path, in 2009 Suz releases her debut album “Shape of Fear and Bravery”, written with El Reverendo M and harpist Duccio Lombardi and produced by Ezra at No.Mad Studios in Turin, soon followed by “Shape of Fear and Bravery Remixed”. In this cd all the tracks of debut album were revisited by many different producers like Thavius Beck (Saul Williams, Nine Inch Nails), former Sangue Misto Deda aka Katzuma, Gopher D aka Bleso Wastasi and Tayone (Videomind). In the meantime Suz took part to the project Weight and Treble with Massimo Carozzi (Zimmer Frei, El Muniria) and Manuel Giannini (Starfuckers) to explore further the dub side of her musical sensitivity. Among other collaborations you can’t go without mentioning the one with former Casino Royale bass player Alessiomanna for his new solo project called Black Job, the one with producer and beatmaker MacroMarco for the track “Underworld”, and the one with dj and producer Ferdinando Miranda aka Dj Pandaj for two tracks of his album “Destination Unknown”. Suz’s second album produced by Ezra, “One Is A Crowd”, featuring musicians such as KutMasta Kurt, Angela Baraldi, Alessiomanna, Bruno Briscik and many more was released on the 31st of January 2013. This work, a more in-depth exploration across the most diverse canals of electronic music: from the Boombox to the geometries of hip hop, was welcomed with great enthusiasm by national newspapers and music magazines (among them La Repubblica, Il Manifesto, Il Mucchio Selvaggio, Internazionale etc).

After performing live at the prestigious Jazz Re:found Festival (Vercelli), Strade del Paesaggio Festival (Cosenza) and Reeperbahn Festival (Hamburg) and opening the concerts of prominent artists such as Daddy G (Massive Attack) and Roni Size, Suz is now ready to come back (on CD and on stage) with a new album titled “Lacework”.


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