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It was in Mai 2017 that Dany and Valquire first met each other at an apartment party in Berlin Schöneberg, where they decided to make music together. Shortly afterwards the two enthusiasts booked a caravan at the Baltic Sea to produce their first tracks in seclusion of nature.

While steadily developing an unique sound during intense studio sessions, schoeneberg already captured the audience in Berlin clubs.

Because of their various approaches to music in general – both have played in different bands before – the two don't stick to one genre exclusively and want to create without boundaries. The sound of schoeneberg comprises elements of techno, dense basses and hypnotic vocals, or how The 405 Magazine wrote recently: "The best way to describe schoeneberg and what they bring to the game is pure and simple: versatility and determination."

Currently schoeneberg focuses on producing techno, danceable tracks and playing in clubs or at festivals. Despite of the young age of the project, schoeneberg already performed their liveact throughout cities in Germany and Austria.


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