Gina Sabatini

Gina Sabatini
Down Beat / Slow House


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"Things sound nicer when you slow down."

A philosophy that shapes the artistic work of Gina Sabatini and at the same time is tattooed truth in her heart and hands. Gina's downbeat and slowhouse sets are characterized by concentrated, hypnotic beats, pitched down reinterpretations of ever more beautiful classics and powerful bass staffages, with which the artist lends even more soul to her exquisite track selection. Paired with melodic sounds, spherical vocals and oriental wanderings, she takes you into play worlds that let your senses wander weightlessly for hours. And right in the middle of it: The Berliner of choice as a swirling fixed point, rhythmic, passionate, with a tendency towards cheerful melancholy. Always on the lookout for new slowmotion treasures that make your heart beat at 100 bpm.

In the lowrider mode Gina has already been to Amsterdam and Maastricht in the Mensch Meier, Johnny Knüppel, the Wilden Renate, the At.tension Festival.


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