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“As a composer, musician and producer of the album, I know that there is a small part of my soul behind every detail. There is nothing better than to create a new work in a creative flow within a few months. During that time everything else doesn't matter and I just dedicate myself to the music, the sound and the meaning of what's happening. If you ask me what I ate at that time, the answer is air and inspiration. And chips maybe.” says KID BE KID about her work.

Everyone agrees on one thing: "I've never seen anything like it!" Since the release of her debut "Sold Out", KID BE KID beamed straight to the big festivals and gave intoxicating concerts to the audience. Be it at the Elbjazz in Hamburg, the legendary Fusion Festival or the important Monument National in the context of the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal - one of the most prominent stages in the world - KID BE KID fascinates the audience with unconditional dedication and unbelievable skills.

The new EP “Lovely Genders” further establishes KID BE KID’s place among today’s great Neo Soul artists. Her songs are characterized by depth of sound and maturity of content. A unique skill set of beatboxing, vocals, piano and synthesizer meets poetic lyrics and rhythmic virtuosity.

Everything about KID BE KID is remarkable. Before she appeared on the scene, it was hard to imagine an artist playing four instruments simultaneously without a loop station, grooving and touching to the max and splitting her voice into several tones. She embodies coolness and vulnerability, structure and freedom, hip hop and jazz equally and makes everything in the room come alive.


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Booking (Canada): Khalil Abouabdelmajid - Phone: (+1) 438 - 994 - 6855

Booking (France): Pascal Pilorget - Phone: +33 (0)140 294 500

Booking (GSA + World): Moritz Holzkamp Phone: +49 (0) 30 69 81 48 40

Label / Publishing: Rainer Scheerer - Phone: +49 30 616 200 50