Eat Lipstick

Disco Glam Punk
Eat Lipstick




The volcanically notorious glam punk rock band EAT LIPSTICK - formed by accident before they took over the underground of Berlin's punk scene and little did we know - the world... Founding members ANITA DRINK, queen of her own kind and kingdom & THE SHREDDER, the satanic prince of glam are the heart of the EAT LIPSTICK phenomenon. A show to blow you off your high heels!

THE SHREDDER's riffs from hell take off your pants while ANITA DRINK's voice makes you want to cover yourself in glitter and stardust! The band caught fire and went out of control when CITIZEN PAIN (bass) and TOM PETERSEN (drums) joined the band - it has morphed in the gender bending solid 4 piece rocking disco punk spectacular !

QUEER, LOUD, PROUD ! f**k you , f**k , goddamn, what a f**king disaster, rock, blood, loudness, punk punk punk as f**k f**k f**k, wetness in all the right places, more rock, a party in your pants that we love cum to ! ...we are the beginning of the end of rock was and will be…


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