Sweeping & intense analog synths meet organic instruments




Moritz and Martin have remained curious to experiment up until today. Their debut EP 'Apart' has been released by the well-recognised Berlin-based label Finest Ego/Project: Mooncircle and quickly been shared by major Youtube channels such like Mr. SuicideSheep. Since the very first single 'Silent' the US, UK and Canadian press - such as Made in Shoreditch (London) and Top 40 Charts (New York) - acclaimed the unconventional organic sound and melodies.

Moritz and Martin have been playing drums since they started. Moritz in different hip hop and funk-combos, Martin from rock to heavy metal. To this day, the rhythms of the beats are still the focus of their song-screwing. The bass, synths and melodies follow. And yet the basement and home studio is still overflowing with percussions, bongos and at times with just some junk you could draw a few new sounds from. Samples are recorded, shredded and crafted into new melodies. One can absolutely see this at their live gigs. Controlled chaos and cables are located all over their set, pretending to connect analog instruments with effect-racks and digital equipment. Being the sisterhood of drum-fanatics at their heart, off course all their acoustic drums are fully trigger-controlled.


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