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This is Fabian Kalker. He is an Artist. That is Fabian Kalker as well. He is a human. But since this is all about Fabians music, please forget about the latter part.

Okay, let's stop right here and rewind: What is that weird habit of separating the human side from the artistic side that we dig so much when talking about music? Isn't our concept of "me, myself and I" the necessary result of our combined experiences and of all the people who shaped us? Or, to put it differently: Are we not resonating bodies, only oscillating in the presence of our fellow men? These were the essential questions that drove Fabian while producing "You are a part of my Life". The upshot are 21 very intimate pieces in which Fabian delivers us a musical key to the 21 most important relationships at this particular moment in his life.

21 Days, 21 Individuals, 21 Songs: Every day for three weeks in a row Fabian sat down in his studio and tried to pour the essence of his relationship to the people portrayed into pure sound. The result is stunning: Every song has its own personality - or should we say his or her? Sometimes drifting beats tell the story of a club acquaintance that deepens over time; then the sound of a subtle afterhour takes the listener on a journey through the smoothest Sunday in history. Some acquaintances are light, cheeky and playful, others end with a disturbing twist. And then there is this 12-minute piece that starts raggedly and timid but evolves into a tapestry of sound into which you just want to immerge.

That is just one way to paraphrase Fabians tracks. But in spite of Kalkers deeply private approach he still manages to create enough headspace for each and every listener for their own thoughts to roam free. And the cover, designed by Daniel Hengst, is probably the best example for that special kind of magic: Hengst pictures Fabians social life through the GPS-coordinates of every single protagonist of his album "You are a part of my Life".


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