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Berlin-based ANIQO is the project of the singer and poet Anita Goß who comes from deep family roots in Wismar, where her parents also reside to this day. This is significant in that not only do her current songs sound very metropolitan - imagine the protagonist in a busy scenario, the streets through which she walks are filled with people full of stories, the side streets dark and mysterious; the music of ANIQO is thereby full of longings. However, it is never the longing for another place, but always for other states of mind. Finding inspiration in the creative likes of David Bowie, Beth Gibbons, John Lennon, and Arcade Fire, her own sound is uniquely complex. Calling to mind artists such as Pink Floyd, Cocteau Twins, Sharon van Etten and Nick Cave who refuse to conform to the norm, ANIQO is not one to be missed.

Her debut album, BIRTH is an audio journey out of the darkness and into the light, which we find glimmering with hope in each of the psychedelic tracks. Within ‘Vivre Libre’ we can find ANIQQ's elegant metaphorical and symbolic imagery as each carefully chosen lyric winds its way into the heart. Ultimately the album is a socio-critical debut that is laden with personal caresses, including a nod to the ancestors as well as touching on the importance of both trust and freedom. At times gritty, other times writhing with synth-laden complexities and the occasional smooth jazz element, the album contains something for everyone. BIRTH was released on the 18th of March via Springstoff.


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