Polish composer, singer and instrumentalist.





Duxius is a musical project by Edyta Rogowska, a Berlin-based composer, songwriter, instrumentalist and singer. The artist has  released her solo debut album “Remanence” on November 18, 2022.
The project is characterized by diversity and mixture - not only of sounds, but of art forms and languages too. Duxius is also - as the name suggests - a linguistic fusion, as Edyta writes songs in three languages: Polish, English and German. The eclectic nature of the project is also reflected in its sound, which mixes genres such as funk, indie, electronica, rock and jazz.
After the release of the first EP, DUXIUS was played on many radio stations in Poland and Germany including Radio 357, Radio Nowy Świat, Polskie Radio Czwórka, Radio Lublin, Antyradio, Radio Afera, Radio 1 and Radio Fritz.
Since 2021 DUXIUS has performed many important concerts, including on the stage of Radio 357 during the festival Męskie Granie 2021 in Krakow, at the opening of the Summer Theater in Szczecin and in the German Embassy in Warsaw. DUXIUS concerts are both a musical and a theatrical experience. Edyta is a born performer and together with her band she takes the audience on an eclectic journey, mixing the atmosphere of 80s music with contemporary compositions, where the lyrics complement the music and vice versa.


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