Cosmic synthesis, heart-warming vocals, and crisp percussion


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The emotional intensity of ethereal vocals gently wrapped around a powerful electronic production is something that the Italy-born, Manchester-based artist Fernweher excels at. His music draws on a wide set of influences, from James Blake and RY X, to SOHN and Rhye; creating a mix of Electronica, Alternative R&B and Downtempo with an experimental approach, bringing something fresh and forward- thinking to the table.
His name Fernweher is made up using the German word 'Fernweh' that embodies a daydreamer, someone who’s nostalgic of moments that haven’t happened yet because he has lived them intensely in his mind.
Fernweher’s mix of atmospheric synths and ethereal singing make his tracks perfect to soundtracking drama series. He wrote the soundtrack for the Italian short movie “Più Di Una” presented to Varese International Film festival, which is set to be released in January 2021.
His debut album “Everything Is Purple” was released on 1st of April 2022 via SPRINGSTOFF. The album documents 3 years of the artist’s personal life and hides a strong message for his listeners.


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Artist: iamfernweher@gmail.com

Label and Publisher: Rainer.Scheerer@springstoff.de