Helaine Vis

Captivating and unique voice




Helaine Vis is not only a singer, she is a storyteller. Her captivating and unique voice takes listeners on a journey through the emotions of a young girl becoming a woman in Poland. Her heartfelt stories wrapped in pop sounds extend far beyond teenage tales of love and loss. Helaine, like so many others of her generation, has dealt with deep insecurity and depression along her road to self discovery in the age of social media. Music has always been Helaine's medicine for sleepless nights and rough mornings. Therefore Helaine writes songs to help people who are also feeling lost in this fast and uncompromising society by depicting the entire experience of being a human being. Spreading a message that it’s ok to make mistakes and be wrong sometimes.

Drawing inspiration from artists like Amy Winehouse, India.Arie and Selah Sue, Helaine Vis and her guitarist Grzegorz Skoczylas create soft, melancholic yet catchy music. Helaine's husky vocals are perfectly complimented by the lush textures of Grzegorz's guitar. After a whirlwind of touring, the duo spent 2020 in the studio, translating their intimate live sound to a rich yet delicate album. The debut album “Pretty Cliché” is a simultaneous acknowledgement of where Helaine Vis has come from, and where she is going. 



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Artist: helainevismusic@gmail.com

Label and Publisher: Rainer.Scheerer@springstoff.de