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The four musicians Pauline Tschirschwitz (vocals, synthesizer, fx), Myrsini Bekakou (violin, loop station, fx), Leonie Sobek (drums, percussion) and Paula Wünsch (bass, fx) met in the jazz department of the HMT Leipzig and founded She just_left in autumn 2019.  
Their music moves between experimental hip-hop, jazz, neo-soul, ambient and noise. With improvisation being always the connecting mortar, their music takes shape through voice, violin, loopstation, synthesizer, electronics, bass and drums.  Since their formation, they have played in established venues of the Leipzig jazz scene, places like Horns Erben, Kulturhof Gohlis, the MJUZIK Festival, the national young jazz festival TalentZZ at Moritzbastei, Werk2, as well as in more unconventional venues like mjut_ or Westflügel Leipzig.  
The highlight of the band’s work, especially since the current circumstances in the area, was a tour of Ukraine in September 2021. Invited by the „kosmos tabir“ cultural association in Kyiv, the band not only played in many concerts and festivals in Kiev and the south of Ukraine but also entered into long-term collaborations with artists from various fields.  Through the support of different institutions, like Initiative Musik, HELLERAU, Goethe Institut, She just_left have published 3 Videoclips with the latest one coming out in February 2023 together with their debut Album.


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