From DJ to Producer, a Unique Musical Expression





In 1996 Sacha Müller aka Smilla came into contact with electronic music for the first time (in the beautiful region of Baden in southern Germany). Fascinated by the overwhelming energy of the fresh young Techno-scene in Germany , and especially intrigued by the incredible influence a good DJ had upon the electrified masses, he soon pursued to learn the skills of the DJ trade. Finally, in 1998 the young DJ gained access to the first local clubs and quickly acclaimed superregional publicity. Soon, he was performing shows in the big German city-scenes of Berlin and Stuttgart, as well as holding gigs on the large southern German festivals like Sea of Love and Tag Traum. Within a short time, the swiss and french audiences became infatuated by Smilla’s energetic sound, which lead to booked tours in the entire boardering regions of Switzerland and France . This experience gave him the oppurtunity to play in legendary clubs like the Rohstofflager, the Toy and the Tresor along with the Globalplayers . Inspired by all this creative input and exchange Smilla quickly realised, that he was merely at the beginning of his musical journey. He decided to step things up and began producing his own tracks. As trivial as this may sound, it was a tough job for Smilla. He was no gamer, let alone a computer nerd, without previous experience or access to the world of computer- and studio-technology. He knew from the word go however, that it was vital for him to have 100% control over the final outcome of his productions at all times, irrespect of the efforts this may cost. Therefore, unlike many of his colleagues, he refused to take the easy way and outsource his productions, but instead payed his dues by independently producing his tracks step by step. Well, taking into account that success never comes easily or no gain without pain, eventually it all came together perfectly. In 2004 Smilla was actually discovered by the veteran Marco Zaffarano and his fomer label Anima, who was the first to release one of Smilla’s tracks. Smaller labels like New League, Das Ohr and Nachtstrom Schallplatten were short to follow until eventually, even Deep Circus, Neverending and Global Ritmico contacted Smilla. Finally in 2011 the collaboration project with the legendary label Harthouse emerged, which was to be a very fruitful relationship in the future. At long last, in 2014, every music artist’s dream, has come true for Smilla, his own album is in the starting blocks and will be released under Harthouse shortly. Over the past few years of his creative work, Smilla has not only redefined high end production skills but also reached an internationally renowned unique musical expression, distinguishing him from the mass production of digital releases. One can eagerly await where Smilla’s musical journey will lead him to next.



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