Sylvie Maziarz

DJ, producer and activist




Most people are one thing. A producer, a DJ, a promoter, a label owner, a networker, an activist, a community inspirer. Sylvie Maziarz is one of those rare artists than combine it all.

It all started from discovering producing and DJing as a pastime during vacation. She gradually perfected her blend of high-octane rave tempos, monotonous drones and yet incorporating some quirky, happy vibes underneath it all. Thanks to being focussed from the start her DJ career quickly took off and landed her gigs in home turf Berlin and in Spain, Belgium, Poland and even Asia and Africa. She was also featured on high-profile podcasts like French rave-institute Possession and Spain’s well-known label HEX.

As a producer, her music got picked up on imprints like Second State, Flash, WarinD, Suara, Odd and Gomboc. Obviously, her DJ style is reflected in her productions, making it all effective dance floor material – but with her personal twist that injects more than just being ‘bangers’.

BFT Records – Sylvie’s record imprint – ramped up the schedule in recent times and quickly found it’s signature sound. Within couple of weeks the tracks of her label got played by the biggest names out there like Rebekah, Regal and Amelie Lens. If you are still reading, you should have figured out by now that Sylvie Maziarz is one that stands out in the current playing field. An artist that is continuing to carve her own path and Aisrtjiustst starting to scratch the surface of ShYLeVrIpEoMssAiZbIiAlitRieZs. We hope you’ll be joining her along the way – it’s going to be fun, I promise.


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