Genre-free electronic club music from Berlin/Mexico.




VLQR (valquire) is a Berlin/Mexico City based electronic music producer with a strange history of techno live performances in 90s, followed by punk, psych rock and doom noise. VLQR is a genre free chimera but very much at home in electronic music and the club scene of Berlin. Currently VLQR sparks the club scene with bass heavy and highly improvised, dancable dance tunes, somewhere in between tech house, techno, acid and whatever electronic music has to offer. Former bands and projects include Elektra Synthesis (Acid techno), Evil & Evelyn (exp. varieté music), Tarantula Krise (Punk), derMOQ (Psych Rock), reliq (doom noise), AUTIST (formerly Aniaetleprogrammeur), DEER HOWLING (experimental electronic), Soundscape Poetry (experimental live performances) and schœneberg (electronic club music). VLQR is closely connected to the arts and visual media of Valquire Veljkovic, developing interprofessional media and art pieces for the club, stage and screen.



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