Hyenaz - Critical Magic Remixed (Vinyl)

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Hyenaz - Critical Magic Remixed (Vinyl) inkl Download Code des gesamten Albums Critical Magic 비평적 마술

Critical Magic Remixed highlights some of Berlin underground’s most talented electronic producers, bringing their influences from dark techno, to house, neo-pop to electronica. The remix vinyl features HYENAZ vast network of alternative, queer, feminist and gender non-conforming artists, many of whom have been working tirelessly to demand those under-represented voices be heard in a male dominated industry. Ena Lind is co-founder of Mint Campus, which offers workshops to young women and girls who want to master production and DJ software, and Hithertoo has been actively organizing a series of talks about women in electronic music at dBs School of Music. Many have been involved in Berlin's Female Pressure and EQ Network, both platforms for women in electronic music to support each other. Given the interconnected nature of the original material, remixers were given free reign to choose elements from across the album; often drawing on sounds and inspiration from multiple tracks. “Electronic music is all about sampling and remixing. So if men we know are remixing men we already know are remixing men we “should know” are remixing men we are going to know, of course the future is still gonna be full of men. But if we actively encourage and enlist the productions of women and genderqueer artists, the future of electronic music is going to be a lot more diverse and lot more interesting. That’s why it’s so important for us to (re)mix in these talented producers--not least because their tight beats and dance-floor interpretations of Critical Magic deserve the attention. We are so happy to have the chance to feature them.“ --HYENAZ 01 HYENAZ vs AUTIST Autist’s opener transforms relocates the mournful vocal of “It Was Not The Earth” into the surrounds of a lush yet distorted witch house anthem. The vocal, sliced and detuned, becomes an alien, screaming and crying her sorrows into a sonic supernova. Bursts of trancey leads and compressed drums lift us from our middles, sailing high, to be thrown to the earth again, mouths full of dirt and sorrow. Autist consists of former members of the electro-punk band Aniaetleprogrammeur and drummer Christopher Chartrand (Crystal Castles, Cauldron). The band is gloriously noisy; Its shards of thumping beats and razor guitar provokes exodus, manic and brutal dancing. www.autist.tv www.soundcloud.com/autist_official www.facebook.com/autist.official/ 02 HYENAZ vs DFUMH Dfumh foreground the percussive elements that resulted from the extensive field recordings HYENAZ undertook in the creation of Critical Magic. The bass is warm and the woody drums cavort and swirl as if in subterranean tehno party submerged in a crevasse of the earth. Dfumh is a dub/techno/electronica project from Berlin. www.soundcloud.com/dfumh www.facebook.com/dfumh/ 03 HYENAZ vs AKME x B333 In their collaboration for Critical Magic Remixed, AKME and B333 evoke two lone figures see each other across a dark divide through a haze of hell. As they sing to one another the same repeated lines, tart layers of saxophones touch intangible emotional modalities, at times almost caucophonous, but not quite. The result is a form of dark techno that mixes that is more acoustic than synthetic with the the sounds of fingers sliding across bass strings clearly audible above the sub frequential thud of the kick drum. AKME x B333 is a collaboration between the AKME, a visionary of futuristic acid house and techno soul and B333 the multi-instrumentalist/multi-genrist producer and musician sonic aesthete B333 www.soundcloud.com/akme-1 www.facebook.com/djakme www.residentadvisor.net/dj/akme www.facebook.com/b333partyproject/ 04 HYENAZ vs HYENAZ Drawing the first side of the vinyl to a close, HYENAZ remix themselves, utterly transforming the most sparse tracks on the original album into a track that is as much abstract electronica as it is booty house. In fact, it begins sounding like the latter - a sexy bass line, an organ riff loop in a way which is largely inconsequential. Not thirty seconds later, the plug is pulled on this club purity and the remix trips out into deep space, and progresses at warp speed into a rhythmic blackhole where drums, vocals, and synthesisers are twisted down to their core atoms and re-emerge into as echoes of parallel universe. www.hyenaz.com www.soundcloud.com/hyenaz www.facebook.com/hyenazhyenaz 05 HYENAZ vs ENA LIND If the HYENAZ remix of their own work is a deconstruction of the sonic field, Ena Lind uncovers deep sincerity in the vocal incantation of What Are We Traces Of? to create a deep house journey that is grounded in cocooning warmth, and of the sense of the human being as a unified whole body. Ena Lind is a techno and house dj and producer. She founded the Mint - a monthly party, booking agency and music academy as a vehicle to further recognition of and create opportunities for women in electronic music. www.soundcloud.com/enalind www.residentadvisor.net/dj/enalind 06 HYENAZ vs hiT͟Hərˈto͞o hiT͟Hərˈto͞o creates a dark astral cathedral in which the HYENAZ call out their “eight directions” which ground the magic spell at the heart of the original Critical Magic. This dark techno soundscape grips us and steals us into its belly of asymmetrical chords and doppler detuned synthesisers to evoke the aesthetic of an as yet unwritten psychological horror movie soundtrack. hiT͟Hərˈto͞o is the experimental techno project of the sonic artist Akkamiau. She creates a soundtrack for life comprised of cold echoes and disrupted harmonies - the destructive laments of suffering nonhuman beings. www.residentadvisor.net/dj/hitherto www.soundcloud.com/hithertoo 07 HYENAZ vs BORUSIADE Borusiade’s remix is a curious combination of her funk-electro instincts and the uncompromising hardness of the track Binaries. It rests on a slippery bass groove, and an evolving drum loop in which the HYENAZ vocals, heavily distorted, appear as elements. There is the sense of spirits dancing, and an erotic fear tangled in the relentlessness of club culture. Borusiade, from the label Cómeme, is a Romanian producer and began her career in electronic music as one of Bucharest’s only woman djs in the city's emerging alternative clubbing scene. Borusiade’s dark disco crystallises in poignant bass lines and obsessive melodies. www.residentadvisor.net/dj/borusiade www.soundcloud.com/borusiade www.facebook.com/borusiade/ 08 HYENAZ vs STRIP DOWN Strip Down concludes the remix LP with a shard of uplifting techno, finding in the the soundscapes of “Clean and Unclean” a sense of optimism. The pulsing bassline grips the vocals and crashing percussion like seaweed, into a vast underwater sonic field. Strip Down is a solo project from the British composer, producer and performer Ellie Gregory. Trained as a classical composer and cellist Strip Down creates electro pop or synthpop, built on unforgettable bass lines, relentless beats and high energy performances. www.stripdownmusic.com soundcloud.com/stripdown www.facebook.com/stripdown


Tracklist Remix Vinyl:

1 | Hyenaz vs Autist | 05:15
2 | Hyenaz vs dfumh | 06:48
3 |Hyenaz vs AKME x B333 | 06:16
4 | Hyenaz vs Hyenaz | 06:22
5 | Hyenaz vs Ena Lind | 05:24
6 | Hyenaz vs hiT͟Hərˈto͞o | 06:56
7 | Hyenaz vs Borusiade | 05:17
8 | Hyenaz vs Strip Down | 04:34