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Critical Magic Remixed (Vinyl)

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Critical Magic Remixed highlights some of Berlin underground’s most talented electronic producers, bringing their influences from dark techno, to house, neo-pop to electronica. The remix vinyl features HYENAZ vast network of alternative, queer, feminist and gender non-conforming artists, many of whom have been working tirelessly to demand those under-represented voices be heard in a male dominated industry. Ena Lind is co-founder of Mint Campus, which offers workshops to young women and girls who want to master production and DJ software, and Hithertoo has been actively organizing a series of talks about women in electronic music at dBs School of Music. Many have been involved in Berlin's Female Pressure and EQ Network, both platforms for women in electronic music to support each other. Given the interconnected nature of the original material, remixers were given free reign to choose elements from across the album; often drawing on sounds and inspiration from multiple tracks. “Electronic music is all about sampling and remixing. So if men we know are remixing men we already know are remixing men we “should know” are remixing men we are going to know, of course the future is still gonna be full of men. But if we actively encourage and enlist the productions of women and genderqueer artists, the future of electronic music is going to be a lot more diverse and lot more interesting. That’s why it’s so important for us to (re)mix in these talented producers--not least because their tight beats and dance-floor interpretations of Critical Magic deserve the attention. We are so happy to have the chance to feature them.“ --