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Opening with youthful exuberance, ‘Childhood’ comes in like a breath of fresh air. Featuring polyrhythmic tones meeting children singing, the single carries a nostalgic element. The cheerful percussion and cascading electronic soundscapes ensure a lightness is maintained throughout the track. The occasional appearance of harmonising male vocals brings a maturity to the single while also providing a spiritual level. The result leaves the listener hungry for more and eager for the upcoming album.

KIDSØ share a little about the journey behind creating the track: "The single 'Childhood' is the first step away from the cold and quiet Northern regions of Europe, which gave us inspiration for the debut EP 'Apart'. The production of the track started in late 2017 and got its color due to frequent trips to South Africa in 2018. At that time, the main vocal melody evolved and got complimented by sounds from the countryside."