LEE WAVES (Colored Vinyl)

Grey Paris

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We are pleased to announce our new EP ‘Lee Waves’, coming out in May 2023. It’s a forward-thinking progression from our last album ‘Medea’, blending jazz and electronic in a more organic seamless way. When we set out to make this record, we didn’t have the slightest idea how we would like the record to sound. We had a couple of promising compositions and we were eager to create something hopeful, concrete and optimistic, in contrast to an expression of the anxiety and unease we felt during this period.

We started with long improvisation sessions, exploring new approaches of infusing our individual electronic conceptions into the existing ideas, while discovering new ways of collaborating with each other. This effort resulted in four long pieces, each of which demonstrates a unique sound character. 

The album’s title track “Lee Waves” is a direct-shaped tune, featuring a minimalistic melody line and a powerful, groovy ending, manifesting the power of life. The following tune “Mytilini” is an ode to better times. Inspired by the refugee crisis on the east Greek islands, it is a highly structured 9-minute piece, swinging between ambient and pure electronic vibes. The third tune “Orgone” offers a distinct mixture of modern jazz and uplifting electro, while the last tune of the EP is an 11-minute section of an actual live-recording from one of our jam sessions. This final track reveals our love of pure electronic sounds and improvisational freedom.

While recording our new EP, we collaborated for the first time with producer, multi-instrumentalist and film composer Bastian Emig. We used a non-traditional approach to record, choosing hand picked locations for the piano and drum recordings based on the room’s resonance and energy. One such location was an old factory building now used as a piano restoration workshop, on a Schimmel 208 grand piano. Because of this we managed to capture an exact ambience for each tune. This holistic approach along with the excellent mixing from Bastian Emig, offered the recording an overall homogenous sound.