Down Long Enough (Digital Download)

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re.decay - Down Long Enough (+ 6 instrumental tracks)


Re.decay combine multiple genres and influences into a coherent and bold new production style. The album functions like an old school variety show showcasing a rotating cast of vocalists with Ross and Bender as the house band, molding their own distinct styles to best support whoever holds the spotlight. Within each track, Re.decay create a tiny universe for their collaborators. The title track acts as a welcome to the listener as Ross’ rough baritone takes the lead over a jagged, bouncy instrumental with a powerful hook before ceding the spotlight to the guests. ADH and Mawcom X shine over deep grooves with tinges of Afro-Hip-hop, K.Marie Kim croons with urgency over a sultry yet ethereal R&B tableau, Brian Ennals’ gritty and poignant flow meshes seamlessly with hip hop instrumentals at once retro and futuristic and Sedric Perry fills in the gaps with soulful hooks and harmonies. Ross and Bender are respectful of the unique stylings of each musician featured on the album, creating a space to complement the individuality of each artist while still staying true to their own, deeply ingrained, musical aesthetic. Each track is well thought out and carefully developed, at once immediate in delivery and expertly layered leaving much to be discovered long after a first listen.