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Sanni Est

Brain Damage (Digital Download)

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Written, Co-Produced & Performed by Sanni Est Produced by Akaroid ‘Brain Damage’ is the 2nd release by the cyber Brazilian artist Sanni Est. The track is a celebration to inevitable derogations we all do to our brains, in various forms, over time. It is also a frantic, yet aesthetic reading of our uniqueness, indulging into the artist’s own. Tracklisting: 1 - Brain Damage (Original) 2 - Brain Damage (Aloner Remix)

Lyrics: I hope the damage that I’ve done so far to my brain Will only help me to stay beautifully insane Remain deliciously so truthful to myself No need to envy or annoy anybody else I hope the hours lost in countless nights with no sleep Will really convert into endless creativity I’m not a criminal, perhaps just an animal For not being interested in socialising at all...