Detroit x Berlin

Various Artists (Digital Download)

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Your Mom’s Agency team up with label Springstoff and music tech outlet CDM to release the Detroit x Berlin compilation and soundpack, in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Chicago. The compilation features 10 tracks by 6zm, Aconite, Alan Oldham, Andreas Krach, DaddyMother, Dimitri Pike, Eric D. Clark, Ko & the Knockouts, Malonda, Optibob, Sarah Kivi, Sean Tate, Strip Down, Taj Bell, Tiffadelic, Tyree Cooper, VLQR, and Wavelords, created as Berlin/Detroit collaborations around several partnering programs from 2018 on and including the exchange platform EXP__.

From December 31 2021 the compilation will stream on all platforms including on Bandcamp where it can be downloaded on donation. Detroit x Berlin features bass, experimental, hip-hop, house, pop, and techno tracks produced by Berlin and Detroit artists together as remixes or mashups, including a few friends from other cities as well, and sporting three brand new remixes by Tyree Cooper, Sarah Kivi, and Eric D. Clark for the occasion.

The soundpack will be available in open source via CDM and YMA, gifting loops, sounds, and samples extracted from featured tracks for budding electronic musicians to play around in their own productions.